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10 Of The Most Bizarre Monster Legends

The world is full of tales about mythical monsters, creatures, and legendary beasts. Some are inspired and brought to life by living animals or fossils, while others play a role in human society as symbolic representations of our deepest fears. Monsters thrill, terrify, and stimulate our imaginations. They live under our beds and go bump in the night. The fear of the monstrous is a collective nightmare. From Medusa’s gaze to the vampire’s bite, from Nessie and Big Foot to Moth Man and Chupacabra, monster narratives help us address our real anxieties and have brought communities and cultures together since the Dark Ages, at least.
A monster is something that is shown, pointed at, exhibited at fairs and freak shows, or sighted in the woods or along country roads on dark nights. At the same time, monsters show us who we really are, and what we’re really capable of – war, famine, plague, etc. A monster is a mirror to man’s heart of darkness. According to David Schmid, an English professor at the University of Buffalo, “the most distinctive monsters in any culture are the ones that we don’t immediately recognize.”
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