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This Is The Happiest Thing You’ll See All Day – Dogs In Cars

Photographer Lara jo regan created a series of photos called ” Dogs in Cars ” and as the name suggests, it’s the happiest group of dogs enjoying a car ride and their happiness is just contagious. In the photo series, you can see various breeds of dogs that vary in size and gender, but the ne common thing about them all is that you can see their wide-eyed and mouths gaping open in excitement. These cruising canines are photographed with special lighting techniques which involve mounted contraptions on the car roof and high-speed lights that work together with Nikon cameras, you be the judge of the final result
dogs in cars
although varied by gender, size and breed, a common thread throughout the images sees the unbounded delirium and windswept coat of retrievers, pugs and pit bull terriers, wide-eyed and mouths gaping open in excitement. these cruising canines are captured with special lighting techniques, involving hand-crafted contraptions mounted on car roofs, and high-speed lights that work in conjunction with Nikon cameras — all working towards the final composition.
Retrievers can’t get enough of the cool breeze
dogs in cars
Three pugs open their mouth wide for the wind
dogs in cars
Two dogs howl from the car window
dogs in cars
Fluffy white dogs don’t care about wind, they want to rest on their pillows
dogs in cars
This pit bull terrier loves sitting in the front seat – just look at his big smile
dogs in cars
Windswept look fabulous in a convertible car, driving with style
dogs in cars
The pink seats go well with his fur
dogs in cars
This dog would love to jump out of the car and play in the snow
dogs in cars
This is a first, the dog is actually driving the car
dogs in cars12
Look at that face
dogs in cars13
dogs in cars14
behind the scenes:

Behind the Scenes: How Photographer Lara Jo Regan shoots photographs for her book, Dogs in Cars. from Lara Jo Regan on Vimeo.

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