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Amputee toddler and viral dancing star now able to stand on prosthetic legs

Amputee toddler and viral dancing star now able to stand on prosthetic legs

The four-year-old amputee who became an online sensation after he was filmed performing a dance to the popular song "Xiao Pingguo" in his hospital bed is now able to stand up with the aid of temporary prosthetic legs. In about another month, he'll be able to walk on his own with real prosthetic legs.
The tot, called Xiaofeng, was transferred to the Disabled Rehabilitation Center of Hubei province in March to make the transition to his prosthetic legs, Tencent News reports.
Doctors said Xiaofeng was noticeably more relaxed at the rehab center, as the hospital he'd been treated at previously was crowded and busy. He was, however, nervous about the preparation involved with his prosthetic legs.
Xiaofeng couldn't help crying as he watched a physician bind his legs with plaster cloth while making a mold for his silicone prosthetic limbs.
Xiaofeng, who lost both of his legs in a car accident two years ago, was required to remain standing in the silicone prosthetic limbs for several hours every day. It took about a week for him to get used to it.
The center equipped Xiaofeng with a whole set of temporary prosthetic legs on April 18. After three days of training, he could walk with the help of railing support while using the prosthetic limbs.

The rehabilitation physicians said that next, they will have Xiaofeng kick rubber balls to help train his legs' reflexes.
For now, Xiaofeng still has to sit down to rest when he wears the prosthetic legs too long and begins to feel pain in his legs.
Xiaofeng stares at the TV screen as it's playing his favorite cartoon.
Obviously, the pain hasn't stopped him from performing for the physicians.
Staff at the rehab center said that if things go smoothly, Xiaofeng will be fitted with real prosthetic legs after the upcoming May holiday. Afterwards, he can learn to bend his knees and walk independently. It will take another month or so to accomplish these feats.
By Lucy Liu
[Images via Tencent]
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