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Why men have worse memories than women

DENVER - Women are going to love this.

There is actually a scientific reason why men may not have the best memories. So if it seems like men are constantly looking for their keys or wallets, or always forget someone's name and have to ask their counterparts for help, there a scientific basis behind it.
A new study out of the Mayo Clinic has found that men's brains are relatively smaller than women's in the areas that most matter for memory. This becomes especially true once men turn 60, but size differences begin to appear starting at around 40.
"That's right, that's what the data says," said Dr. Clifford Jack of the Mayo Clinic. "We see worse memory and worse brain volumes in men than women from [age] 40s onward."
Although it's tough to pinpoint exactly why this is happening, experts point to the protective effects of hormones, particularly estrogen, and the lower levels of brain robbing vascular disease in women. In a study of 1,246 cognitively normal people between the ages of 30 and 95, Jack and fellow researchers found that while memory started to decline for both sexes at age 30, male memory was worse than women overall, especially after age 40.
And in males, the hippocampus, the part of the brain that controls memory, was also smaller than women's, especially after age 60.
"The men's hippocampus starts off a little bit above average in the young people in the study," said neurologist Dr. Charles DeCarli, who reviewed the study before it was published in JAMA Neurology. "But then it falls way below average in the older men as compared to the older women."
"It's no surprise, as your brain shrinks, memory declines," added Jack.
Doctors also advise that just because men have a higher level of age related memory loss, age-related memory loss does not necessarily put them at a greater risk of developing dementia.
Although it's inevitable that our brains are going to age, there are things we can do to help slow it down and preserve our memory. First off, stopping the things we know are bad for us and our brains, like smoking, excess alcohol, and bad diets can go a long way towards keeping our minds intact.
Other things that can help include eating a healthy diet, like the Mediterranean or DASH diet. Also, exercising both our brains and our bodies on a consistent basis will keep both strong. Exercising our bodies, especially with aerobic exercise, helps keep both us and our brains young.
Exercising the brain can also keep it more active as we get older. This means not only doing puzzles and math problems, but also means learning skills, like new languages or a musical instrument.
Another big key to keeping our brain young is to consistently socialize. Personal connections not only help keep our spirits in check but also help keep our minds active as we get older. And when it comes to the mind the old saying "use it or lose it" definitely comes into play.
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