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Man tows wife in homemade 'ambulance' for 10 years

A farmer in Liaoning crafted this DIY ambulance which he has used to tow his sick wife to the hospital twice a week for the past 10 years, writes China Daily.
The cart has covered nearly 50,000 kilometers over the decade and is used to bring the man's uremia-afflicted wife to the hospital to receive dialysis. The tiny wagon is equipped with oxygen bags, emergency medication and a bedpan.
This moving act of chivalry appears to be thematic of the devotion between many elderly Chinese couples lately. One Sichuan woman gained fame for bringing her paralyzed husband's mobile bed with her outside on sunny days and last year, web users were emotional over the story of a Hebei man who had been feeding his stroke-stricken wife mouth-to-mouth for 11 years.
By Liam Bourke
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