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How to French Kiss | Kissing Tips

French kissing, despite what the name might imply is not necessarily all
about giving someone all the tongue you got. That's great for sex, but
not tongue exactly. Feelings, you want to give them all the feelings you
have. Anyway, French kissing is a little bit about moderation and
working up to a nice big frenchy frenchy tonguey kiss.

So when
you first go to French kiss someone, you don't want to just shove that
tongue up in there. You want to build up to it, because like I always
say the definition of pleasure is not getting what you want right away.
So you want to build up a delicious little crescendo and then enjoy the
fruits of your labor.

So ladies, let the man be in the driver's
seat when you guys kiss. Don't just shove your tongue up in there. And
even if that's what he does, don't feel like you have to like sword
fight him in your mouth. You can take a more submissive approach and
hopefully he'll get the hint. Let's see.

So if you guys are
wondering exactly when to introduce the tongue in the whole kissing
scenario, here's my advice: when lips meet lips, count to four, so one,
two, three, four, then open your mouth and count to another like one,
two, three, four, and then move the tongue. So it's a bunch of four
counts. If you guys are dancers and you know how that works, sort of
have in your head, it doesn't have to be right on beat. This isn't who
wants to be America's Next dance, I don't know. But just sort of like
count in your head so that you don't thrust your tongue into someone's
mouth too soon.
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