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Buffalo sticks tongue through car window, kisses tourist

A couple of women driving through the Olympic Game Farm in Washington
got some extra friendly attention from one of the zoo's residents.
Video posted to YouTube shows
a couple of giant buffalo chasing a car carrying Caroline Walker Evans
and a friend. Evans decided to feed the hungry buffalo some bread and
that's all it took for one of the hairy beasts to fall in love.
buffalo is seen sticking his long tongue in through the car window
trying to get some more food and in the process gives Evans some
Another woman in the car shouts, "Windows up guys, windows up," as the animal looks around for its next bite.
After all the food was gone, the friendly buffalo goes in for one more kiss and watches as his love drives away.
Game Farm was first opened to the public in 1972 and initially only
offered guided tours. Now a drive-through zoo, customers are allowed to
feed animals including buffalo, deer, elk, bears, yak and llamas with
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