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9/11 and flight 175 Conspiracy

9/11 and flight 175

If someone asked me to reveal the #1 smoking-gun evidence that 9/11 was a hoax, I'd show them this short video about Flight 175:
Many commenters on this video have (rightly) pointed out that this video has a whopper of an error...
The two buildings that appear look like they're next to (or even behind) the Twin Towers:

flight 175 cgi buildings

But in reality, these buildings (at both 17 Battery Place and 28 Washington Street) are indeed WAY in front of the viewing area as we see in this view from Battery Park:

flight 175 Battery Park

Also, the perspective of the view makes those two buildings appear to be taller than the Twin Towers (even though they're less than half the height).
In addition, coming out of the Battery Tunnel (next to Battery Park where this video is alleged to have been taken) looks nothing like what is shown in this video... you'd have to be in the middle of a bunch of trees in the park. It's an impossible shot from on the ground.
Now take a look at this snapshot from the video:

flight 175 missing buildings

As you can see above the tree line, many buildings are missing - including the 19 Rector Street building!!!
Finally, the biggest smoking-gun evidence that this video is 100% CGI created is the lack of any blur... if this plane is going over 500 miles per hour, there's NO way an amateur photographer is going to capture this airplane without any blur.

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