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9 cities where you can visit a cat cafe

If you thought cat cafes were a purely Japanese phenomenon, we’ve got good news (or bad news if you’re allergic): you can also drink coffee and snuggle kitties in cities all over Europe and Asia. And briefly this month, you could also do it in New York, at America’s first pop-up cat cafe.
If you couldn’t make it to New York, or if you can’t handle the long lines, never fear; permanent cat cafes are coming to San Francisco and Oakland, Portland, and LA. But until then, you can work kitty cuddles into your travel plans even if you’re not going anywhere near Tokyo. Here are nine other cities around the world where you can get cat love with your cappuccino.

1. Budapest, Hungary

Cat Cafe Budapest also bills itself as a gallery for cat-themed art.

2. Paris, France

Photo: Le Cafe des Chats/Facebook
Parisian cat cafe Le Cafe des Chats recommends that you make a reservation before visiting — the French are serious about their coffee and their cats.

3. Penang, Malaysia

Photo: Purrfect Cat Cafe Facebook
Purrfect Cat Cafe is located on an island off the coast of Malaysia. It seems like a bit of a headache to get there, but how can you deny these faces?

4. Vienna, Austria

Vienna is famous for its coffeeshops. Some used to be gathering places for famous writers or composers, but only Cafe Neko is full of cats.

5. Bangkok, Thailand

Purr Cat Cafe Club features cat-shaped scones and some of the most outrageously cute kitties we’ve ever seen.

6. Devon, England

Totnes Cats Cafe Facebook
Totnes Cats Cafe

7. Madrid, Spain

Photo La Gatoteca Facebook
For some reason all the cats at La Gatoteca look a little pissed off, but they’re probably just being European. Or maybe they just hate that mural.

8. Berlin, Germany

Photo: Pee Pees Katzencafe Facebook
The name is a little on the nose, but this German Pee Pees Katzencafe is a haven of both cute cats and fancy baked goods.

9. Seoul, South Korea

Seoul actually has a number of cat cafes (and a bird cafe! Drink your coffee with flying dinosaurs!). Here are some pictures from one of them, Cats Living.
By Jess Zimmerman, GlobalPost
This article is syndicated from GlobalPost.

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