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Motorists Abandon Cars In Mad Dash For Cash In Dubai

Motorists Abandon Cars In Mad Dash For Cash In Dubai

Traffic stops as it starts to rain money on Dubai: Cash amounting to over half a million pounds blowing through the city - and nobody knows where it came from
Hundreds of Dh500 notes (£ 88) was flown through the city of Dubai
People ran to their cars to get their hands on the money
We do not know where it comes from, and have not given explanations
The drivers on Dubai could not believe their eyes when it started raining money in the middle of town UAE.
Thousands of 500 dirham notes - worth around £ 88 - flew through the oil-rich city in a busy afternoon earlier this month, and officials have yet to give an explanation of why or disclose a source of cash.
The drivers abandoned their cars to get their hands on the notes blowing in the way, holding fistfuls of notes were filmed.
It is estimated that the notes valued between two and three million dirham were loose - which means up to £ 500,000 is blowing in the wind.
The notes were carried by strong winds through the Jumeirah Dubai for several minutes, but the locals have no idea where it came from.
A local surprised describes how his wife stopped his car to film motorists dodging cash collectors on a busy stretch of road in the city.
He said: "It was a very windy day She was stuck in traffic I saw all this money...
'It was just raining money. It was 500 AED tickets worth much. It was a lot of money.
Many people are out there taking care of this month.
'This does not happens every day. Everyone was amazing what was happening. "
The puzzling incident happened around 3pm on February 11 and the locals have no explanation.
Police later arrived in the area and ushered people away, local media reported.

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