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Motorcyclist Set Ablaze In China Lorry Crash

Motorcyclist Set Ablaze In China Lorry Crash

Dramatic video has captured the moment a motorcyclist was set on fire after she was hit from behind by a lorry in southern China.
The CCTV footage shows the moment the motorcyclist was struck by the lorry, sending the vehicle underneath the wheels in Foshan City.
As the motorbike cartwheels along the road, the friction caused by the surface ignites fuel from its damaged fuel tank, engulfing the vehicle and the rider.
The injured woman manages to hop into some nearby bushes, where witnesses rush to help put out the flames.
Zeng Lizhi, a fireman who attended the scene, said the quick thinking of the witnesses managed to avoid serious injury.
The woman is still being treated in a local hospital. Her condition is not known.
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