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Cristiano vs Messi: The million dollar question

Cristiano vs Messi: The million dollar question

Cristiano vs Messi: The million dollar question
Cristiano Ronaldo has played every minute of the League so far this season. His superb physical fitness is indisputable compared with the fragility of the Argentine player. Both have faced a feverish bout of matches, but their preparation for the season has been completely different.
The Real Madrid ace has broken yet another record this year by playing 1,170 minutes in the league. His incredible physical shape contrasts sharply with the fragility of the Argentine. Several experts agree that the extreme care exercised by one, and an overload of physical activity by the other, are the key reasons for the two players' different levels of performance.
Cristiano versus Messi again?. For many, this is yet another example of the stark contrast between the White 'Superman' on the one hand and the 'weakened' Blaugrana hero on the other. So why does the powerhouse athlete prevail over the physically decrepit genius? If we look at their physical performance so far in 2013, it is impossible not to make comparisons. One never misses a match and the other has notched up five successive injuries this year.
Messi didn't slow down his feverish pace in the summer and clocked up 40,000 miles in air travel. Amongst other things, different sponsorship commitments and several friendly matches for his Foundation, meant that he only managed to 'switch off' for a week in Ibiza. As is to be expected, he is paying the price now.
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