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Argentina lives with Messi his "year of terror"

Argentina lives with Messi his "year of terror"

The first consequence has been suspended the filing, in the U.S., the shirt will wear the Albiceleste in the World

En Argentina solo desean que se recupere con tranquilidad y llegue a tope al Mundial de Brasil
In Argentina just want to recover in peace and abuts the World Cup Brazil                              
When blinks Messi, Argentina finds a few seconds. The country, in World Cup year, pending live their best player because in it are put many of the Argentinean team hopes to be champion next summer in Brazil. Barca Not just jumped the alarm for new muscle injury '10 ', also in Argentina are suffering striker slump.
The best example of how the country has fit the image of Leo Messi injured leaving Villamarín Benito owns with the daily 'Olé' describes the situation: "The year of terror". In its analysis, the sports newspaper adds that "it is the sixth muscle injury in 2013. The World Cup is coming and not for martyrdom. " With the confirmation of gravity, website announced: "Until 2014". The Argentina coach Alejandro Sabella, was worried but wanted to send a message of peace: "Be optimistic and be quiet." For now, of course, the technician discarded for the Albiceleste friendly to play against Ecuador in New Jersey and Bosnia Herzegovina in Saint Louis. In fact, their absence has been noticed on a commercial level, which has produced the first consequence. And is that Leo Messi was going to be the star of the official presentation of the shirt that Adidas has designed for the Argentina team will use in the next World Cup. The event was to be held in the United States and has taken the decision to postpone.
But that's a story because the concern is their fitness. The country, however, is not resigned and looking to hold on to keep believing in the title that is on everyone's mind. In fact, in footballing gatherings begins to take shape the possibility that Leo Messi repeat what he lived to Andres Iniesta during the year prior to winning the World Cup South Africa 2010. This is a precedent for optimism. The Fuentealbilla not live his best year at football because of injuries, to which added a crushed spirit because of the death of his friend Dani Jarque, who subsequently dedicated the goal in the final in Johannesburg. Argentina believes that, when the moment of truth, the striker is at full capacity and there will be no better way to forget an irregular season being the main protagonist in Brazil. The country wants to turn "the year of terror" in a historic year.
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