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Picture: Daniella and Antonella in Ibiza!

    Picture: Daniella and Antonella in Ibiza!

Girl one of the world's best players Lionel Messi, Antonella Rokuzo of Ibiza enjoys the company of a teammate of her boyfriend, sexy Fabregas and his wife, Daniela.

Antonella Rokuzo (left) and Daniela Seaman (right)

Even without Messi, Antonella enjoyed on one of the beaches of Ibiza with her son Tiago, who came into the world in March last year. While enjoying his family in Ibiza, Messi must fix problems with payment of tax, over and above all that he recently failed to organize and humanitaniot match which was to be played in the United States because of its failure manedzheri.

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Авантурата наречена „Меси и пријателите“, почна на 29. јуни во Меделин, Колумбија, а треба да заврши на 6. јули со натпревар во Чикаго.

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